Kovalam Travel Guide

Kovalam Highlights
  • Location
    16km away from Trivandrum - the capital city of Kerala
  • Attractions
    Enchanting beaches and Ayurveda spa
  • Weather
    20°C to 30°C in summer & 18°C to 35°C in winter
  • Best time to visit
    September and March

Beaches are the all time favourite holiday destination. It’s fascinating to watch small waves rumbling at the shore, inviting you to play while large waves rising high, from the back, welcome you to their land. It is like a rainbow on water when the morning rays scatter on the sea, while the mildness of the moon is equally enchanting after the sunset.

Wonder where to witness one such magical spot on earth? Well, India is blessed to have large number of enchanting beaches, but God has been a little favourable with Kovalam- the beach town of Kerala.

Kovalam is a town located 16km away from Trivandrum and is blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches of Kerala. The word ‘Kovalam’ literally means ‘coconut groves’ and justifying to its name there are large number of coconut trees seen in the town.

Kovalam Tourism lets you indulge into unspoilt beaches, relaxing Ayurveda massages, surfing and you can also try your hand on snorkelling. Scented and genuine herbal oils are used here to massage which acts as a great stress buster and muscle pain-reliever.

This popular beach town was first discovered by the King of Travancore during one of his leisure trips to the town. Later, his European friends were invited to witness the town's beauty gaining the town its popularity.

Following are the main travel attractions of Kovalam

Light House Beach

On the south of the town is the famous Lighthouse Beach, named after a 30m tall Vizhinjam Light house that stands at the seashore. This light house is a major draw to the beach after the pristine blue water of the sea. The lighthouse came into function in 1972.

Visitors can climb the spiral stairway leading to the top of the lighthouse and view the entire coasts from there.

Samudra Beach

It is at the north of the town and is ideal for swimming and bathing. The local fisherman mostly prefers this part of the town for their trade and commerce. Tourists can just sit by the shore and watch waves crashing against the rock.

Hawa Beach

Also called as Eves Beach, this is the major food-giver for the local fishermen of the town. The beach is less crowded and perfect for long and quiet stroll on the sands. The beach also boasts of being the second largest beach of Kovalam. Interestingly, it is also the first topless beach of India where years ago European women used to enjoy their topless sunbath.

Shopping in Kovalam

There are many hand-loom centres, ideal for buying silk and linen garments. Shoppers can also purchase trinkets made of wood, sea-shell and herbal oils from the local shops.

When to Reach

September and March are the ideal months to take the trip as the weather is cool and pleasant. Kerala Village Festival held in January is also a sought after time to take the trip.

How to Reach

The Thiruvananthapuram Airport is just 10kmaway from the destination and further taxi can be taken to reach.  Nearest railway station is Trivandrum central, nearly 20km away. Buses and taxis are available to commute within the town.

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