Kerala Festivals: Fun, Frolic and Feasts

Illuminated with colourful festivals, flamboyant feasts and religious rituals the rich culture and tradition of Kerala has its own charm. Few of the popular festivals in Kerala include an expression of the spirit of celebration, eternal harmony and religious significance.
In fact, every season in Kerala has its own festival charming and enthralling in its own way. Carrying significant messages, these legendary festivals bestow a unique opportunity for the tourists to grasp the very essence of Kerala’s culture.

Following are the main festivals in Kerala


Recognised as the ‘biggest festival in Kerala,’ this secular festival takes place in the month of August/September. This National Festival of Kerala celebrates the homecoming of mythical King Mahabali, reminding Kerala of its agrarian past. Lasting for ten days, the harvest festival reveals the unique features of Kerala’s culture and traditions. It starts off with the royal parade in Kochi, flaunting 50 floats and tableaus.


Locally recognised as the Astronomic New Year, it is a famous Hindu festival in India. This festival of fireworks and light includes two important traditions like Vishukkaineetam (tradition of giving money) and Puthukodi (buying new clothes). The Vishu feast, famously called as ‘Sadhya’ is known for traditional preparations like avial, kalan, kanji,thoran, koottu curry and olan.

Boat Races

Often held on the backwaters of Kollam, Kottayam and Alleppey, the famous snake-boat races are Champakulam Moolam Boat Race (July), Nehru Trophy Boat Race (August), Payippad Jalotsavam (August) and Aranmula Uthrattadi Boat Race (September). Flamboyantly announcing the new tourism season in Kerala, the boat races have been introduced back in 1952, attracting global attention.


Dazzling firework, cultural performances, colourful processions, traditional rituals and sacred prayers are an important part of feasts in Kerala. The significant feasts include Parumala Perunnal, Manarcad Perunnal, Arthunkal Perunnal, Puthuppally Perunnal and Santa Cruz Basilica Feast.

Temple Festivals

Colourfully caparisoned elephants are the main attractions of the exotic and elaborate temple festivals of Kerala. Enveloped with several myths and legends, every temple festival has its own unique history. Mostly celebrated from February to May, one of the most important festivals is Thrissur Pooram, considered one of the largest gatherings in Asia.

In a nutshell, the uniqueness and rich culture of Kerala gets celebrated with the pomp and show of its festivals. So, don’t miss them out. Opt for an enthralling rendezvous with Kerala tourism by participating with its festivals.

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