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Overview: Kerala

The tour destinations don’t need to circulate their CV among the travelers. Had there been such a need, the tourist places in Kerala would have come up with the most impressive résumé which would have given close competition to the popularity of even Taj Mahal at Agra. If someone describes Kerala as God’s Own Country, you may react by saying that it’s a clichéd statement. That’s all right, but the fact remains that the clichés are called so when numerous people repeat the same statement often enough and this in turn happens when enough people believe in the statement. That explains the popularity of the expression for Kerala – God’s Own Country. For those who don’t make a decision without international recognition, would be glad to know that when National Geographic Traveler released the list of Paradises Found, Kerala figured right up there in the top ten.

What's So Special In Kerala?

We'd say that it's difficult to find something that is not special in Kerala tourist places. The state has diverse geography and once the greenery begins unfolding itself, it doesn't stop before you are overwhelmed completely. The cultural ethos of the state have a contemporary feel about them and a vacation here never fails to rejuvenate you completely. The result, Kerala gets you back to your normal life all charged up and raring to go. The Kerala Travel Destinations are a veritable feast for the tourists which nestle snugly with the Arabian Sea in the west and the towering Western Ghats in the west. The attractions of the place include equable climate, long coastline with the exotic beaches, a network of calm and serene backwaters among other such attractions.

Tourism In Kerala: An Ancient Tradition

Now if you have decided to travel to Kerala, don't think even for a moment that international travelers visiting Kerala is a new phenomenon. Right from the ancient days, traders from all over the world used to visit the place to do business whereas today the tourists travel to the place attracted by the cultural as well as other aspects of social fabric of the state. The tourism options simply go on increasing as you set out to visit the lush plantations or the wildlife sanctuaries and hill stations of Kerala.

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